About Me

First, I would Like to Say Welcome  :)  

I will give you a bit of a verbal tour of my site and a little bit about myself.  
About Me:
Through many years I have trained continuously, competed and take part in as many nail industry events as possible.  I have educated for multiple brands as an Educator or Freelance artist. 
I have been featured in numerous Magazines and media such as Nail It!, Your Nails, Elle Italy online, Haute Stuff and the Edmonton Journal and MTV.ca.  I have won in many competitions with my two favourite being my Gold medal for the ULTIMATE NAIL ART CHALLENGE at Nailympics in Rome Italy and competing on the Reality TV Show Nail’d It. There has been an enormous amount of intensive educator and master training with many of my nail idols and mentors across the Globe and many of those mentors are still with me today to guide and advise me today. 
Along my journey I have gone down every path the nail world has set down in front of me to see what it was all about; and what it could bring me in my growth as a person and a professional.  Through my experience with teaching so far  I have come to find that the traditional styles of education in the nail industry have become cloudy to say the least and have left a lot of confusion for students and educators alike.  There is not a lot of confidence in the education being offered and concern of quality and honesty on behalf of the manufacturers and educators. 
I have decided to lead my students in a new direction to ensure that every student I have will get the best quality education with all of the knowledge I have to offer each and every time.  In order to do this I will be taking a Multi-Brand approach to my education system as an independent and in a team environment.  The intent I have for this approach it to build up the nail community and add a more positive influence. 
My personally offered training will be including brands that I use and trust as an ambassador, educator, or brand supporter.  You will also see me hosted as a guest artist/educator as well for other brands from time to time.  
To start off my year in education I will be representing the following brands, in no particular order, that I have worked with and loved and find they have a mutual goal in common with me to provide the best education possible.   These companies are Amore Ultima Gel Nail Systems, Canada Nail Supplies and Missu Nails Canada, and Charisma Nail Innovations. 
About my site:
You will notice a few things changing over time to focus on the things that are important to me.  The first thing that I will say for those who have been following me, you will notice a lot less physical product for sale.  This is because sales is not something that puts a sparkle in my eye.  I want to focus on creating classes and interesting content for you and myself too and selling brands and being too specific is putting out my flame.  To be in line with my Multi Brand Education Training It will be a no holds barred, honest reflection of my education and experiences.  I will train with brands as an Educator, Ambassador, Guest Artist, or just a good ol' avid lover of the product.  My promise to my students is to be helpful in any way that I can when it comes to giving them the access and the tool that will be a good fit for them.   
The second and third thing you will notice in my site is that I am adding my other loves to the Ultra Beauty title.  This was originally the idea behind the name that it would encapsulate the idea behind beauty, inside and out.  There is now a tab for health and wellness which is in line with my ideals and most recent findings in that genre.  I may even finish my cookbook one day and make it available.  Fingers Crossed!!!
And Lastly, my Art. There will be updates on my art creations and dealings as I create them.  I have been an artist in every sense of the word my entire life.  I am first and foremost a painter or visual artist I guess you could say.  I find joy in exploring avenues that make me feel that a part of me exists outside of myself.  I have played piano since I was a child and a few wind instruments along the way.  I also am a singer, and an insomniac who no longer bakes (inside joke), and a crazy avid reader and researcher.  
I would love it if you would join me on my social media channels for my latest updates, products reviews, competitions  tutorials and new classes. 
Contact: Angela@ultrabeauty.ca
Phone: 780-966-5527
instagram: @ultrabeauty.ca (nails), @artbybeer (art of course), @love2bvegan007 (food and recipes)
YouTube:  Ultra Beauty Canada
Facebook:  Ultra Beauty Inc., Artbybeer
You can also find me on mylably.com as Angela Beer (me)