Dr. Oz and Not Quite The Whole Truth September 03 2014

It's been an ongoing battle between Press and Beauty Professionals around the globe that Soakable Gel Manicures are unsafe.

Most of these tactics are to get ratings by scaring you into watching their program, or sending you somewhere else where the person scaring you makes money.  

I know I can speak for other techs as well as myself when I have to admit to getting a little red in the face when my clients ask me about the truth about the unsafe gel manicure claim.  

I get a little insulted that my clients for a moment, either don't trust me or have been brainwashed into putting me on the defence.  Then I have to take a step back and see that these tactics are coming at them from all angles and are repeated over and over until it appears to be true in their mind, because you know that everything you see and hear on the news or on TV is the whole truth and nothing but the truth...just typing that made me shake my head at how many people still get caught by this practice.  

I know it's not always the sunshine of your day to spend your time fact checking every headline that someone shoves in your face but there are a few times that you should.  When someone says, "Hey, did you know MANICURES CAN KILL YOU?", maybe a little searching is in order. 


Here are a few tips that might take the load off.

1. Ask a professional in the field to find the information for you....TADA!!!! Zero work on your part.  

Chances are that if a person dedicates their life to gaining knowledge, they might know a little more about it than someone else in the general vicinity, and they'll know where to find the information and challenge it.  Don't trust someone who has little to no education in that area.   Although they may not intentionally mislead you, they might try to fill in the blanks with what they think makes sense to save face instead of telling you they don't know.  Watch out for that ego.  

Option 2 if you're the type of person that always chooses the hard way.

2. Do online searches for studies that have been done by credible sources and see if you can make any sense of it....lol  This is why you go to an educated nail professional for your services.  BECAUSE WE STUDY THIS SHIT FOR BREAKFAST!!! And it's our job and daily goal to keep you out of harms way while you're at our table.  


Without further ado, for those who are genuinely interested in their safety and not only gossip. Below are the links to the Myths and Facts about Nail services 

A Myth published by Dr. Oz Gel Manicures: The Ugly Truth

For a better understanding, Doug Schoon has an enlightening article and video that supports our research  UV Gel Nails by Doug Schoon