Nails Next Top Nail Arist September 14 2015

Celina is definitely one of my favourite artists.  She is always coming up with new ideas and different ways to display her creativity.  I don't think I've ever seen her do anything twice.  Truly a Great Artist

Youtube Trailer June 01 2015

2 Day Acrylic class January 18 2015


Loved my 2 Day acrylic class this weekend. We put a lot of information into two days.  Now its time to buckle down and practice for the Nailympics

Nail'd It Episode 5 I'M ON THIS ONE!!!!!!! November 05 2014


Nail'd it Season 1 Episode 4 October 29 2014

Nail'd it Season 1 Episode 8 I'm on this one!!!! October 15 2014

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Nail'd it Season Premier Episode 1 October 09 2014

Lego Nails fundraiser for Massecure September 20 2014

I was honoured and excited to donate my time today for this great cause. Every year this man raises funds for cancer research.  This year he is riding his motorcycle in honour of a child who has lost his battle with Cancer. This boys favourite toy was Lego so I was asked to recreate these toys on nails to remember this young boy. 


How to use and care for your fine art brush. September 18 2014